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Are you looking for something fun to do that engages the whole family?  Try an age-appropriate, family focused escape room at FOX-N-OTTER! Whether you are on vacation together or live just around the corner, discover your unity and make memories as a family. Don't do the same weekend routine. Make family night better! Make super summer moments together!

The questions most families ask are: "Will everyone like this?" and, "How much is this gonna cost us?"

The answer to the first question is a resounding yes! We have found that young and old, tall and small, and those at every stage of development can participate in our Escape Rooms. Taking feedback from so many groups that come through though, we can tell you that students 5-7 years often require a little more encouragement to be fully engaged.  Kids 8-14 years are easily drawn in and satisfied with the gameplay.  Those 15 years and up take the lead and love it.

So, come together to overcome puzzles and problems! Engage with gadgets and riddles that bring you closer to the people you love. Unlock the clues that unveil the stories. Uncover mysteries that lie beneath!

Be assured there is no mystery pricing scheme here. We made it simple. We want the price to be as affordable as possible, and use the movie theater as our basic comparison. We offer youth tickets to youth and our standard adult tickets even have a price cut on weekdays. For an accurate and up-to-the-moment pricing, simply click on our "BOOK NOW" feature to see pricing for the room you want, in the time-slot and date you are considering.

This family solution is an easy one for parents. Everyone is pulled out of the world of their personal electronics without an argument. Teens and kids alike naturally crave adventure and excitement that we offer! Now, go check out our Adventure Puzzle Rooms and see which escape room is best for your family!


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