Our Escape Rooms

Our Adventure Puzzle Rooms are designed with the features that enthusiasts crave and beginners rave about.  We want to be the Escape Room experience that everyone compares to.  We are different and we like that.

Our rooms are like movie sets.  When you enter them, the rooms transport you to another time, place, and your team immediately feels caught up in the moment.  It doesn't feel like a room of props.  Locks aren't all obvious.  Your adrenaline and heartbeat will pound with the pace our quickly moving storylines. Lights and sounds push you deeper into the plot.  Everyone stays busy with an active role in moving toward solutions.

We are often asked by our biggest fans how often we refresh our spaces.  For us, that process begins with designing a good game. That takes about four months.  Then it takes a few months of revision and prop design.  It takes anywhere from a week to a month to set up a game room in our space.  So the fastest we rotate out our games with new creative ones is between six months and a year.

That's relatively fast in our industry.  Some larger franchises only refresh their spaces once every few years.  They offer the same games in various cities and standard experiences for all gamers.  At FOX-N-OTTER we strive for a custom, high-end design of our rooms.  The same quality props in our rooms are what you would have in your home.  We want the experience of our gamers to be as unique as the team they are joining that day!

We don't like to talk about the details of each room.  Mostly this is  because we believe the discovery and surprise elements are worth finding out about in person.   If you need to know more about light and sound settings, physical ability required, and any gameplay features, please give us a call and we will discuss them with you.  No special knowledge, trivia, or physical strength is required.  There are varying degrees to the challenge.  Because of this, we are happy to make recommendations based on your groups prior experience or outing expectations.

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