DaVinci Diamond

Set in modern-day New York City, The DaVinci Diamond is an incredible fast-action Escape Room in Asheville at FOX-N-OTTER.  You and your team will join Black Eagle Detective Services and infiltrate an apartment to collect evidence.  The city is facing the largest threat of terror since 9/11 and you are hot on the trail of the key suspect David Cantrell.  You will have just 60 minutes to get in, obtain the evidence, and get out alive!  The plot moves with your team and advances with twists and turns you never expected.

This room is designed for Escape Room enthusiasts and teams of all development levels.  We use intense lighting and sound to create an atmosphere that immerses you the gamer - inside the game.  The action of the gameplay feels real.  The adrenaline rush will grip your team and the heart-pumping storyline pulls you right in.  This game is recommended for people who have the tenacious logic of the fox and the tactile curiosity of the otter.  You will have to explore, discover, and then solve a series of clues that propel the plot forward in a 60 minute rush!  Do you think you can find the DaVinci Diamond.

Ready to play?