The Super Secret


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This Asheville Escape Room feels just like a room at your friends house. Except it holds a SUPER SECRET! When you and your team enter into this space, you'll realize there is more going on than anyone ever knew! When your friend's parents step out for an hour, you are left alone to engage with what appears to be an ordinary game room.  But this is FAR from typical!  See if you can discover the SUPER SECRET!

This room is created with the young and young-at-heart in mind. It is an excellent beginner-level experience for novices and those new to the Escape Room experience but with a creative and fun challenge  for any group.  It isn't easier than other Adventures, it is just designed with younger folks and families in mind.  We like to describe it as "less intense" with regard to lighting and sound use.  We have had first-time groups come through and enthusiasts that have completed dozens of Escape Rooms do this room -- all leaving great reviews.  This entry-level experience has been completed by teams with children as young as five-years-old taking part in the action, but adults are always pleasantly surprised that it wasn't just for the kids. The SUPER SECRET is truly an adventure that will truly engage every age and leave your team with a cherished experience that's memory will last.

We also run this game in SUPER DUPER SECRET mode for teams of strictly adults with a few extra puzzle steps and a slightly more adult plot intro.  If you are a fan of our other games but haven't tried this game because you thought it was "just for kids", think again.  Come and play the SUPER DUPER SECRET.  Call ahead or just show up with your reservation and mention you heard you could play it in advanced mode for adults.


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