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THIS IS A DISASTER! There is a SABOTEUR AMONG US but who could it be? Someone in the troop has sabotaged the show by locking essential parts and performers IN, OUT and APART on the grounds in the most devious ways. Can you and the rest of the troop expose the SABOTEUR and have the show staged and ready before SHOWTIME in 1 hour or will the Saboteur succeed in their puzzling plot? (2-8 Troop Members)

--At least 1 PAYING ADULT required with groups of youth 14 and under or an IN ROOM HOST for extra $29 option--

For groups of youth that prefer to play without a parent we have to option to include an IN ROOM HOST for the $29 player rate. Your host will make live visits throughout the course of your game to help you out and have some fun to make sure you have the best time possible. Youth 14 and under require either 1 paying adult to play along or an IN ROOM HOST for the extra $29 option.

We have watched thousands of groups play of all ages and group sizes and have found this to be the best way for our youngest players to still get to enjoy all of our games that may just be a little too difficult.