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This blog is about the discoveries, values, and journey of the creative family behind FOX-N-OTTER.  We sought out to build a unique family-friendly escape room experience that could be enjoyed by all ages.  It has been a great journey!  Around each corner there are new people, new challenges, and rewarding connection opportunities.  Blogs often serve different purposes.   Ours is simple.  This blog is best seen as a collection of sunglasses that show the tint in which we see our world.

Everyone approaches life with unique perspective. This is our attempt at showing you the way we see the world as game-designers and the authors of storylines.  We put YOU in the game. We want YOU to be the main character in our fast-paced stories.  We hope through this blog you begin to see how we embrace our role in that process.  We don't consider ourselves to be "The Voice of the Industry," and there are plenty of people more qualified to talk about the history and progression of Escape Room culture.  This writing space is a glimpse of our perspective as designers, engineers, game-makers, and authors.  We hope you catch our passion for the craft.

2020 The Great Escape Room Challenge

By foxnotter | December 11, 2020

In 2017 Ferrin and I (Julie) birthed a dream. We wanted to bring a special kind of experience to Asheville. Our love for Escape Games had grown to a critical mass. We wanted to see it shared with families and first-timers in a unique way that enthusiasts like ourselves would love, but that was accessible…

Escape Quest Rooms Vs. Escape Rooms

By foxnotter | October 30, 2017

Are Escape Games just boring now?   What is an Escape Quest?  Would someone really like one and not the other, or do they serve the same client? Some critics say that the Escape Room era came with the creative force of a hurricane but peaked and is done.  Like any industry, the newness of the…

What “NOT” to do in Escape Room Design

By foxnotter | October 17, 2017

Running an Escape Room gives an owner/designer plenty of time to solicit customer feedback.  Some folks out there that visit our establishment FOX-N-OTTER Adventure Puzzle Rooms in Asheville, NC often have visited dozens before us.  To date, the person that visited the most Escape Rooms had personally paid for, and journey’d through 93 different scenarios. …

Escape Room Success Rates and Times

By foxnotter | September 26, 2017

Escape Success Rates Escape Room success rates and victory times are NOT about who visits your business. The percentage of those that “get out” and “win” is not directly related to how smart they are. In fact, even though people embrace their escape time with pride, it has little to do with how they performed.…