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FOX-N-OTTER is the favorite memory maker for couples, families, and friend groups wanting a thrilling immersive experience.  Jump into the plot of our escape room games and find the fun you've been looking for by being in the action. We combine brain-twisting puzzles with inventive rooms that have dynamic lighting, sound, and mystery built into our movie-like sets.


Our games have compelling backstories that drive fast-paced escape games forward.  The door closes behind you and the 60 minute race against the clock begins! You and your team must connect clues, solve riddles, use cyphers, discover patterns and get creative to complete your group challenge. Asheville Escape Rooms

A big THANK YOU to all of our fans who have have left us hundreds & hundreds of five star reviews on every platform!  

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The Best Date Night

"My husband and I visited FOX-N-OTTER for date night and had a blast! The rooms and puzzles are well designed and thought out"...-- Amanda P. (TripAdvisor)

The Best Escape Room in Asheville

"The price was very reasonable. We did the Davinci Diamond room and had a BLAST. The puzzles and clues inside were challenging but not unobtainable to solve. "... -- Rebecca L. (TripAdvisor)

Our Favorite Activity in Asheville

"I brought my two children to FOX-N-OTTER to pass time while we waited for Dad to fly in to the Asheville airport. It ended up being our most beloved activity of the summer!"... -- Jeanette Arango D (TripAdvisor)

Check Them Out!

"I can't say enough good things about this company. A good escape room gives you challenging puzzles within a reasonable time limit. This company accomplishes both. "... -- Kelsey C. (TripAdvisor)

Perfect Family-Friendly Escape Room

"We've been looking for a family-friendly escape room to do with our son (10), who absolutely loves logic puzzles. Most of the offerings around town are a bit intense for kids, so it's been difficult. Luckily, FOX-N-OTTER opened and is perfect!"... -- Dave C. (TripAdvisor)

Safe for the Whole Family

"Every part of the game makes you think and use your abilities without being boring or too hard to finish."... -- ahE S. (TripAdvisor)

Fun with Friends

"Went with some girlfriends and LOVED the adventure room! It was challenging and fun! Lots of laughing and excitement as we figured out the clues together!"... -- Jessica M. (TripAdvisor)



Instead of just watching the action on a big screen in the theaters, grab your friends and family and jump into the plot of our Escape Room Games to discover the fun you've been looking for.



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