A Simple Look at Cost

Finding the Best Experience at the Best Value!

SINGLE Admission Ticket

$25 2 person minimum
  • Choice of Rooms
  • Time Reservation
  • 1 Hour Game

PRIVATE game up to 6 and SAVE

$100 2 - 6 players
  • Choice of Rooms
  • Just Your Friends
  • 1 Hour Game
  • Single or Split Payment Options


Optimal game play and comfort in our rooms is up to 6 players, but we have many groups request up to 8 players.  We have created this booking option at the checkout for the per person adult rate.

-7 players $125 or 8 players for $150-


We can also run two games simultaneously for larger groups on evenings and weekends and sometimes during the day with a little notice. Just give us a call to work out the details and book over the phone.



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