Before You Begin...


Whether you register online before showing up, or come unannounced hoping to join in, all escape room games are pre-scheduled with a limit of six players (we can sometimes squeeze in eight upon request.)  Show up about 15 minutes early, before their scheduled game time. If you come with a group, you may join another group, or you may just have the whole room to yourselves! When you arrive, you will notice our lobby isn't cookie-cutter.  On par with the Asheville vibe, you'll realize you have reached the intersection of interactive art and gaming.

So, before you get started in one of our escape rooms you'll probably want to pose for picture opportunities in the lobby and WINK WITH FOX or OOGLE WITH OTTER. When it's time to start, you'll be officially welcomed by your GameMaster. They will ask you to watch a brief safety and instructional video,  sign our waiver, and complete a quick digital check-in before securing any personal belongings in our lockers. Then the action begins!

During Gameplay...


Because our escape rooms are cutting edge and industry leading, for expectation sake, please be aware that photography and video inside the game rooms is strictly prohibited. Your GameMaster will usher you into the hall staging area where your storyline begins.  ou can expect to be escorted into a room after this and have the door closed behind you. Of course, if you choose to leave, you may exit any time. But we think you will want to stay, because once inside, your team will be immersed into a one-of-a-kind, interactive game. You'll work together to beat the 60-minute clock and solve puzzles that feature clues which can be a bit tricky to figure out. The GameMaster will be monitoring your progress outside the escape room by video and offer helpful suggestions that assist your team if you ask. Each solution in the escape room comes from interacting with your environment.  Each solution will get you closer to solving the main dilemma and achieving victory!

After the Game...

After the adrenaline of the experience, you'll engage in a quick debriefing session where we learn from you about your favorite moments. You will have the chance to relive the tense minutes and victorious achievements with the guidance of a few questions from the GameMaster. It may surprise you what other people gathered from their experience. This will conclude our time together, and by now you will be plotting how to return and do it all again!


Ready to Choose?

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Ready to play?

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