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Early on in our initial planning phases we saw the way Escape Rooms in Asheville could partner with and education providers. Having nearly 40 years of combined teaching experience ourselves, we value effective and innovative educational methods. At FOX-N-OTTER we seek to serve teachers at schools and parents in home-classrooms with the key cooperative-problem-solving solutions we know are valued in real-world experience. Bring your classroom to us and discover how your students will love their learning experience at FOX-N-OTTER. We all agree that hands-on experience and group participation is so valuable to learners, so let's partner together.

Taking these principles, we designed our rooms to not only engage multiple senses, we formed pattern recognition, memory skills, organization, deductive reasoning, and variable approaches to problem solving right into our gameplay.  Students don't know they are learning to work together, communicate more clearly, and use logic, and connect beyond conflict - they are just having fun. Teachers and parents have stood by the observation monitors in our control room and seen students' development stages awaken.

Our rooms have a deep enough setting and plot allow for engagement with narrative identification. Students will be able to identify protagonists, antagonists, and the structure of the storyline including peak and resolution moments. Mathematic basics, strategic choices, time management, risk analysis, even order of operations are all brought to the surface in carefully designed Escape Rooms. This unique Asheville experience doesn't just provide meaningful memories and teamwork moments-- we offer experiences that students and  teachers can benefit from long after they leave FOX-N-OTTER.

We work with private, public, and home schools and do our best to make it affordable and customized for each group. While every team coming through can engage in similar experiences, no two teams perform exactly alike. This makes group discussion times afterward come alive.  If you are concerned about logistics, lets discuss it. We remain flexible with our times, group sizes, and have a plan for groups as large as 30 to participate in staggered start times. We even have a portable version of an Escape Room that can be assembled at your school location.

We can customize debriefing or fine-tune your educational needs to be as in-depth or rudimentary as any educator wants. If you share your goals for each team, we can help you achieve them. At FOX-N-OTTER, we don't just want to be successful at providing families and friend groups with fun and games in Asheville. We want to be a partner in learning. We believe we offer what no other Escape Room in Buncombe County offers what we do as a customizable education tool.

Whether you give us a group of 3rd-8th graders, or a group of collegiate level learners, we will incorporate experiential learning that will benefit your classroom material! It isn't just good field-trip experience-- this can become the partnership that fills the gap between theory and hands-on learning. We even have ways to incorporate teachers, parents, and volunteers in the rooms without distracting from the students experience.  So read our online reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook and more -- read what other teachers, parents, and administrators are saying about our Adventure Puzzle Rooms.

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