UPDATE: August 19, 2021 By Buncombe County order masks are again mandated for businesses and public spaces regardless of vaccination status. As long as this order stands, our staff will wear masks and we request that our guests do so as well in compliance with the county mandate.




We comply with all CDC recommendations and state and county orders.  

    1. Our lobbies are clearly marked for social distancing of 6 feet.
    2. Our standard waiver now includes boxes to check indicating they are feeling healthy and haven’t experienced any known covid-19 symptoms.
    3. We follow CDC guidance and state and county orders for face covering requirements.  The mall location may have specific requirements for common areas.
    4. Digital electronically maintained Ozone machines and HEPA Filtration cause suspended particles in air to drop almost immediately and be filtered in all locations.
    5. Hand sanitizers filled with Durisan sanitizer that surpasses the CDC recommendations are located at every location.
    6. UNX ALLY disinfectant is an industry leading sterilization cleaner that surpasses CDC and WHO standards and staff for regular cleaning.
    7. We have the ability for contactless digital check-in procedure.
    8. We will only host private groups that arrive together and know each other.  No strangers, or merged groups will ever be added to a team.
    9. We use live-video hosting on site to connect each team to their game host.  Teams will interact with their game host through live video and audio connecting multiple rooms.

These practices will be evaluated and updated as we learn more and the needs evolve.  It is our commitment to offer the safest small group entertainment in Asheville.