Facebook Marketing Your Escape Room


facebook picFacebook can be useful far beyond the scope of what you spend.  It is an easy tool that gives incredible feedback about the people that spend money at your escape room business.  You can easily learn about the demographic by testing various campaigns and spending very little.  For a few bucks you can launch advertisements into the streams of the Facebook world with great specificity.


The first thing to do is locate the demographic most interested in your entertainment venue by creating specific and opposite target groups with Facebook boosting posts.  Realize the potential of specific marketing.  You want to spend your dollars putting your entertainment service in front of people that want it.  Sometimes when you start, it is hard to know who that is.  An escape room downtown will have a different audience than an escape room in a warehouse district or a neighborhood area.  You want to find out who is interested in your venue, not the general idea of it.  Well that’s where Facebook marketing becomes so valuable!


You can find out if it is men or women booking events, if they are local or on vacation, if they are of a certain profession, age, marital status, and ultimately identify what age person is spending money on the entertainment you are offering in your area.  You have to spend a little, make mistakes, identify patterns and trends in posting times, days of the week, and then sort out who is clicking.  Within about $40 dollars, and 3 days, you can identify who is buying and booking escape room experiences around you.  Launch a campaign that directly targets moms in their 20’s, and one that targets retired businessmen with hypertension that recently moved into your area and bought a house (yes, Facebook marketing is that specific).  Launch a the same advertisement in various demographics and begin reading the data about who is attracted to your escape room venue.


See who is clicking and who is interested.  You may be surprised what personality your escape room business attracts.  I wrote more on escape room personality and marketing it and encourage you to read it.  You don’t just want to identify who enjoys entertainment — most people are going to say that is an interest of theirs.  You want to find out what type of person has money and is willing to spend it trying out your venue.  If you cannot get them to look online, you will struggle getting them in the door.  The only way to know who your customer is, is to try various campaigns and measure what is successful.  Do the work, read the statistics and analysis from the data you get.  Facebook analytics can become more valuable than your own web page analytics.


Facebook marketing is instrumental in helping you find your demographic!  Regardless of what service you provide, several tries with low budget attempts to boost posts in opposite target marketing quickly reveals who is spending money on your service in your area.  So spend a little in campaigns to boost a general advertisement post.  Find out who is behind the money.  Identifying their trends, interests, and patterns of purchasing will increase the likelihood that you are advertising the right thing, to the right people, for the right price.