Escape Room Bloopers & Humor in Human Error

There is a reason why blooper-reels, failblogs, outtakes, and captured moments of human blunder are so popular.  People enjoy watching other people fail.  Sometimes it is because of cringeworthy falls or hilarious retorts to situations, but there is just something about the fumbling nature of humans that makes us laugh and feel good.  With all the fun and games in Asheville for tourists and locals to take part of, “people-watching” may top the list!


Everyone loves the downtown Asheville scene and the unpredictable nature of those exploring the area.   People-watching is like scanning a crowd for human-bloopers.   So, if you are looking for the humor in human nature, what better place than Escape Rooms in Asheville.  They are destined to be an intersection of odd solutions, live-bloopers, and hilarious tactics.  Because of this, we get asked all the time for the humorous stories we have seen in our rooms.  After all, our role in pacing your game requires we watch your activity from our control center on the progress monitor.   So we see and hear hundreds of folks engage in creative problem solving.  Sometimes REALLY creative!


Sometimes people are desperate for a clue that moves them forward, so they read into an escape room prop a bit too much.  These bloopers are common because it’s easy to obsess about discovery in a room. It goes like this; we find something and it just HAS to be an important clue– we just get too into that one random item and attempt bring it into the solution.   Recently the two double A batteries fell out of the electric candles in our DaVinci Diamond escape room.  Instead of recognizing the prop had fallen apart and the batteries were simply batteries- this team carried the two batteries for over 15 minutes trying to squeeze them physically into cracks and holes, while forcing every variation of ‘AA’ and ‘2’ into every code and clue.   It’s comical and ultimately common for teams to force a random answer into gameplay.


It makes sense because many folks are downright competitive.  Their drive to win, clouds their better judgement.  There was a recent team in the final stages of their game at FOX-N-OTTER and they were about to escape the room they were in.  The clock was ticking, the lights were low and flickering, and the music had everyone on edge.  They were down to two minutes and needed to make a final decision regarding a color.  Perfect pressure for human error and a natural moment for an Escape Room blooper!  In a random flash of desperation one man cried out, “We must melt down everything blue in the room!  I’m certain there is a clue when we melt it all down– give me everything blue and let’s do this.” What a hilarious panic moment that could have gone very wrong, very fast.   Fortunately we were able redirect their creative energy and not burn our building down.


Ultimately there are many hilarious moments that happen when our creative energy meets our need for an immediate solution.   In escape rooms in Asheville, at FOX-N-OTTER, we recognize that the greatest aspect of gaming is the unpredictable nature of our customers.   Observing gamers from the control room only emphasizes that people are the best element in any escape room.